Wollongong family mediation
Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation)

In parenting matters, most people are required to attempt mediation before filing an application in a court. However, parties can arrange a mediation about Family Law issues at any time.

In all family law matters, parties are required to take genuine steps to settle their dispute without the need for a court application. This is why many people attend Family Dispute Resolution or mediation.

We often arrange mediation for our clients and attend mediation with them. If you would like more information about the benefits of Family Dispute Resolution or mediation in your matter, please contact our office on 02 4285 5577 or office@dawsonjohn.com.au.

Britt Smith is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. She is authorised to provide family dispute resolution services and issue section 60I certificates. If you would like information about Britt acting in your matter as the Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, please visit www.illawarrafamilylawmediation.com.au